Kelly Hoskin, BSW, RSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

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Phone: (905) 235-9532

Availability for Sessions:
Fridays, Sundays

We may all face challenges and struggles throughout our lives, resulting in the experience of anxiety, shame, guilt, grief, or depression. You do not need to suffer alone, and it takes incredible strength and courage to reach out for support!

As a therapist, I can help to guide you through processing your thoughts and emotions, reconnect with your inner strengths, and increase feelings of personal empowerment. I create a space for you that is inclusive, non-judgmental, and compassionate. My approach is client-centered, strengths-based, and collaborative.

An area of focus for me includes working with teens and Indigenous peoples. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with those who are affected by intergenerational trauma, and the modern challenges and/or barriers that are faced. Additionally, I can support you in your grief. Although grief is an inevitable part of life, it can be experienced as a result of any kind of loss, including that of a beloved pet.

I am a cisgendered Settler, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University and Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria. I have ten years of diverse social work experience. I have supported clients in shelters for women, worked in the sector of restorative justice, provided Employee Assistance Program support, as well as supported members of Friendship Centres.

I would be happy to hear from you and honoured to support you as you navigate your own journey!